Jorn Pricez had been bitten by music from his childhood on so it could not be denied that Jorn, at the age of 8, took his first steps as a young DJ. By immersing himself and learning a lot in the basic principles of music, he achieved his rhythmic skills, something that the drums certainly helped with.
At the age of 11 Jorn Pricez was discovered at the festival 'Genk on stage' by the Belgian commercial television station VTM. From then on, the ball started rolling and he became a "resident DJ" for a number of years in a row and got a lot of chances at different events. By participating in various television recordings and giving interviews he gained a lot of media experience and media training. It is through the experience of these unique opportunities that Jorn Pricez , after making the first soundtrack for a Belgian TV program tasted the process of "production" for the first time . Jorn Pricez not only supplies the beats of various artists, he also writes his own songs. In addition, the young DJ constantly works on new musical projects in a professional studio. He likes to make his own music, mashups and remixes and therefore likes to take you on a musical journey in electronic dance music.

In the following years Jorn Pricez shared his experiences and provided a number of workshops for young starting DJs at the festival 'Yourin'. In 2015, Jorn Pricez participated in a competition at 'Maze Festival' and immediately blew everyone away with his talent. At the age of 15 he won the DJ competition which led to great opportunities in various clubs and festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. Jorn Pricez worked on bigger events such as 'The Big Bounce', 'Castle of Love', the special event of Tommorowland 'Neighborhoud Party', ...
In 2018 a personal dream of Jorn came true: Jorn Pricez signed a first soundtrack called 'Whereabouts' with the record label 'Kult Records' in New York (USA). Heads up, this young DJ will bring more of his own material to the market in the very near future. You certainly do not want to miss this! Do you want to enjoy, being taken on a musical journey through classics with a personal touch or do you want to be touched by one of his personal, new songs, then choose DJ Jorn Pricez !

“Music is a piece of art that goes straight to the heart“

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